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Game development is the process of creating video games. It involves designing and programming various aspects of a game, such as the characters, story, levels, objects, and user interface. Game developers use programming languages like JavaScript to create interactive worlds and experiences for players. The development process can involve creating art assets, writing code, testing, debugging, and making adjustments to ensure the game works properly. Game development can be a very rewarding experience, as it allows developers to create something that people can enjoy playing.
JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
7 min
Boost the Performance of Your WebGL Unity Games!
Unity, when deployed on the web, faces three critical challenges: build size, memory usage, and overall performance. This lecture delves deep into advanced optimization techniques to help you address each of these issues. Attendees will gain insights into:
- Effective strategies for optimizing textures, audio, and models.
- A detailed analysis of our ASTC experimentation with Unity, shedding light on the unexpected results despite Unity's claims.
- A comprehensive guide to Unity's memory profiling tool and its implications.
- An exploration of lesser-known Unity settings that remain underutilized by many developers.
Additionally, we'll introduce our
proprietary tool
designed specifically for Unity optimization. We will also showcase CrazyGames' developer dashboard, our platform that enables developers to monitor and enhance the performance of their web-based games seamlessly. 
Join us to equip yourself with the latest strategies and tools to elevate your Unity web gaming projects.
JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
30 min
Building the AI for Athena Crisis
This talk will dive into how to build an AI for a turn based strategy game from scratch. When I started building Athena Crisis, I had no idea how to build an AI. All the available resources were too complex or confusing, so I just started building it based on how I would play the game. If you would like to learn how to build an AI, check out this talk!
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
32 min
How Not to Build a Video Game
In this talk we'll delve into the art of creating something meaningful and fulfilling. Through the lens of my own journey of rediscovering my passion for coding and building a video game from the ground up with JavaScript and React, we will explore the trade-offs between easy solutions and fast performance. You will gain valuable insights into rapid prototyping, test infrastructure, and a range of CSS tricks that can be applied to both game development and your day-to-day work.
JS GameDev Summit 2022JS GameDev Summit 2022
33 min
Building Fun Experiments with WebXR & Babylon.js
During this session, we’ll see a couple of demos of what you can do using WebXR, with Babylon.js. From VR audio experiments, to casual gaming in VR on an arcade machine up to more serious usage to create new ways of collaboration using either AR or VR, you should have a pretty good understanding of what you can do today.
Check the article as well to see the full content including code samples:

JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
8 min
Creating Custom CAD Tools on the Web with ThreeJS
3d content creation tools don't have to be complex- sometimes what you need is a special-purpose tool that solves a specific problem and gives you exactly the model you need. Building such tools using modern web technologies is easier than you think. In this talk, we'll walk through the basics of writing a custom web-based tool that can export 3d models.
JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
18 min
Why Is Building a Multiplayer Game So Hard and What Can We Do to Fix It for Everyone
Making casual games has become easier than ever but setting up multiplayer still requires you to write network code, deal with websockets, load-balancing servers, co-locating servers and whatnot. 
I am building Playroom to solve this, a high-performance sync that handles the networking and the room management so you can focus on building your game.
JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
20 min
Unleashing Next-Gen 3D Web Experiences with Babylon.js 6.0
In this session, we will explore the latest major release of Babylon.js that has brought significant advancements to web-based game development.
We will look into the new major features that were added to Babylon.js 6.0,  including fluid rendering and texture decals, which elevate visual fidelity to new heights, performance priority mode, accessibility support for 3D scenes, and the integration of the world-class Havok physics engine into the engine, unlocking unparalleled realism in web-based games.
We will also have a sneak peek into our plans for the next major version, as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in 3D web experiences.
JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
21 min
The Secret to Good Game Iteration
This talk will cover designing, playtesting, and iteration. After listening to this talk you'll find out about how to prepare for and run your playtest, how to analyze the results and further iterate on your games, and I'll tell you about my personal experience regarding the topic, which I have gained while working on CIDA's boardgame.
JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
28 min
Game Development Patterns and Architectures in JavaScript
In the realm of game development, the right architecture and design patterns can make all the difference. This session delves into the world of game development patterns and architectures in JavaScript, offering a comprehensive exploration of the techniques and strategies used to create engaging and well-structured games.
JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
21 min
Using the Gamepad API for a Better Gaming Experience on the Web
This talk explores the usage and impact of the Gamepad API in the web gaming space. The Gamepad API lets you connect and use various gaming controllers with browsers, but since this API is in very early stages, tracking different controller inputs across browsers becomes extremely challenging. For this very purpose I have released an open source library which provides support for button press, axis movement events as well as vibration play effect in browsers. We’ll be focusing on how we can leverage this library for providing better gaming experiences to consumers on the web.
JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
17 min
Supercharge Your Game’s Social Features with Nakama
Explore the impact of social features on game success and learn how to integrate them swiftly with Nakama OSS game server. This session will guide you through code examples, revealing how to enhance your game’s social capabilities. Discover a faster, simpler way to supercharge your game development journey and unleash your game’s social potential with Nakama!
JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
22 min
Game Development with ReactJS, CSS, and React Three Fiber
In this talk, I will share my experience in game development using ReactJS/CSS. We will explore how to make the most out of the component management provided by this library, along with the capabilities of CSS for creating an appealing user interface. Additionally, we will uncover how to leverage the React Three Fiber library to create games with a 3D experience.
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
22 min
Building Age of Empires 2 in React
How better to learn about the capabilities of a technology than to do something it was expressly not designed for? What can we learn about the square peg as we mercilessly shove it into the triangular hole? In an attempt to rebuild Age of Empires 2 using React we'll learn about the limitations and possibilities of the tool we use everyday.
JS GameDev Summit 2022JS GameDev Summit 2022
25 min
Choosing a Game Engine or Framework for HTML Game Development
We have never had so many great options for game engines and frameworks. Sometimes though, too many options can be paralyzing. In this talk we are going to discuss the various available game engines and development frameworks for HTML game development and hopefully help you select the one that is right for you.

JS GameDev Summit 2022JS GameDev Summit 2022
33 min
Unreal Engine in WebAssembly/WebGPU
Traditionally, browser games haven't been taken seriously. If you want to target the web, that traditionally has meant compromising on your vision as a game developer. Our team at Wonder Interactive is on a mission to change that, bringing one of the world's premiere native game engines to the browser - Unreal Engine. In our talk, we'll dive into our efforts porting the engine to the browser and carrying on the pioneering unfinished work started at Epic Games nearly a decade ago in collaboration with Mozilla. We'll dive into what this means for the future of games in the browser, and the open metaverse on the web.
JS GameDev Summit 2022JS GameDev Summit 2022
33 min
Extending Unity WebGL With Javascript
Unity can build games to run in a web browser using tools like Emscripten, Web Assembly, and WebGL. It provides integration with the browser, using browser APIs to simulate native APIs. Sometimes it is useful to interface with the browser in ways that Unity does not natively provide support for. In this talk, I will discuss how Unity builds games for the web, and how to extend Unity using Javascript to enable support for features not otherwise provided.

JS GameDev Summit 2022JS GameDev Summit 2022
32 min
Conversion to Play: The Art of Loading
On the web, games are not pre-installed, but downloaded at the moment of play. Therefore the loading experience is a key part of your game’s success. During this talk Poki’s Kasper Mol will introduce you to the Conversion to Play concept, and what methods are available to nail this.

JS GameDev Summit 2022JS GameDev Summit 2022
34 min
Multiplayer Web Games Using JavaScript
With the ever growing opportunities for creating online multiplayer games for different platforms, and many reachable and easy to use open-source tools, it has become much more convenient for developers to create exciting multiplayer games. In this talk, Sahar will create a simple multiplayer game to demonstrate it and talk about the issues she faced when creating her own games.

JS GameDev Summit 2022JS GameDev Summit 2022
30 min
So You Want to be an Indie Game Developer?
So you want to be an indie game developer? You probably have an idea of what indie game development is like. My job is to assure you that you are wrong. I'm going to talk about misconceptions around indie game development and all you need to know before getting into it.

JS GameDev Summit 2022JS GameDev Summit 2022
33 min
Making “Bite-Sized” Web Games with GameSnacks
One of the great strengths of gaming on the web is how easily accessible it can be. However, this key advantage is often negated large assets and long load times, especially on slow mobile connections. In this talk, Alex Hawker from Google’s GameSnacks will illustrate how they are tackling this problem and some key learnings the team found while optimizing third party games and designing their own ultra-lightweight game engine.
JS GameDev Summit 2022JS GameDev Summit 2022
31 min
Making Multiplayer Games with Colyseus, Node.js and TypeScript
By interacting with the Colyseus community over the past few years, some fundamental questions (not necessarily connected with the framework) seem to appear time and time again when developers start to build their own multiplayer games. This talk is going to cover some of these questions, as well as the most common scenarios and techniques you can start using today when building your own multiplayer game.

JS GameDev Summit 2022JS GameDev Summit 2022
4 min
Independence: The Gaming Advantage
Vultr's Walt Ribeiro takes users through steps to easily launch game servers with Vultr using their One-Click Marketplace across more than 20 locations.
In this talk, Walt will demonstrate how to configure your account, how to browse and deploy from Vultr Marketplace, and how to stand up a basic Minecraft server using Bash on Ubuntu. Other flagship products and tools developers love will be highlighted along the way!

JS GameDev Summit 2022JS GameDev Summit 2022
10 min
Detect and Avoid Common Performance and Memory Issues in Unity WebGL Builds
This session explores common performance and memory issues that arise in WebGL builds produced using the Unity game engine. Examine how to identify, troubleshoot and avoid pitfalls that may lead to out-of-memory errors. Learn how to reduce game instability and improve game performance in WebGL builds.

React Advanced Conference 2021React Advanced Conference 2021
25 min
Using React to Build Performant Game UIs in Minecraft
This talk will go briefly about the history of how Mojang Studios decided to use web standards and React to build the new UI stack for Minecraft (Bedrock Edition), the challenges we faced around performance and how we landed on a solution that allowed us to continue to write declarative UI, but without the virtual DOM.

JSNation Live 2020JSNation Live 2020
30 min
Making Games in React
This talk is going to be about react-three-fiber. We'll make a mini game together. We'll see how even beginners can make it through all the heavy boilerplate and math without losing their minds, and then translate it to anything, be it a game or a website with some interesting visuals and effects.

JSNation Live 2021JSNation Live 2021
30 min
Pixi Powerups!
A look into Pixi.js coolest and lesser known features.
Including treats such as:
- Meshes
- Spine Animation
- Custom filters
- Render Textures and Image exporting
Showing example how it can make working with WebGL super easy and give your content that edge it needs to stand out!