Florin Ciornei
Florin Ciornei
Florin is a product engineer at CrazyGames. He is mainly responsible for the SDKs that the platform is offering for its developers. Florin enjoys developing browser games, some of them being Blitz Tanks, Dashcraft and Idle House Build.
JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
7 min
Boost the Performance of Your WebGL Unity Games!
Unity, when deployed on the web, faces three critical challenges: build size, memory usage, and overall performance. This lecture delves deep into advanced optimization techniques to help you address each of these issues. Attendees will gain insights into:
- Effective strategies for optimizing textures, audio, and models.- A detailed analysis of our ASTC experimentation with Unity, shedding light on the unexpected results despite Unity's claims.- A comprehensive guide to Unity's memory profiling tool and its implications.- An exploration of lesser-known Unity settings that remain underutilized by many developers.
Additionally, we'll introduce our proprietary tool designed specifically for Unity optimization. We will also showcase CrazyGames' developer dashboard, our platform that enables developers to monitor and enhance the performance of their web-based games seamlessly. 
Join us to equip yourself with the latest strategies and tools to elevate your Unity web gaming projects.