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Multipass includes:
  • All GitNation remote and hybrid conferences and exclusive events
  • Instant access to 2x more talks on advanced development with React, Vue, Angular, Node, and GraphQL
  • Our best JavaScript workshops suitable for both pros and beginners
  • Certification upon event or course completion
  • Exclusive articles and videos
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  • Afterparties with speakers and attendees
  • Interactive chat in speakers' video rooms and discussion rooms

Upcoming events

Learn React, Vue, Angular, Node, and GraphQL online from the comfort of your home. Get Multipass now to unlock access to the following JavaScript conferences for both pros and beginners.

React Advanced Conference 2021
22-25 Oct, 2021
TestJS Summit
18-19 Nov, 2021
GraphQL Galaxy 2021
9-10 Dec, 2021
Node Congress 2022
Feb, 2022
DevOps.js Conf 2022
Mar, 2022
React Summit 2022
Apr, 2022
JSNation 2022
Jun, 2022

Previous events' highlights

Multipass grants you access to hundreds of hours of content and tutorials covering advanced topics as well as fundamentals. Take a look at some of the best moments of our past online conferences.

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Unlimited access to talk recordings and tech workshops for Multipass holders

Next to having an exclusive, early access to all the conference talk recordings, Multipass holders enjoy all our hands-on workshops recordings covering the most relevant practices for JavaScript engineers.

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Get access to 7 remote JavaScript conferences for €200

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Bonus perk: 20% discount on offline conference tickets and PRO workshops

Enjoy a 20% discount with your Multipass – always and across all our in-person events and paid workshops. The following example illustrates the reduction on a JSNation Live workshop. The total discounted amount may vary for each event.