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Our team is always striving to provide the best support to help you with any questions and to make information more transparent and instantly accessible, we've started gathering most frequently asked questions on the page below.

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General information

No, unfortunately the Multipasses are not shareable and should be used by one person. Only in case the initial holder is not going to use the Multipass anymore, they can pass it to their colleague for example.

Enter your account on the day of the event → Events → Click the conference you’d like to follow the live stream of.

Please check the details here:

Please reach out to us at with your email address, full name and the conference you’d like to attend. We’ll issue a promocode for a 20% discount. The discount is applicable to Regular & Late Bird conference tickets.

The time on the portal is shown according to your local timezone.

At the moment the feature to cancel the workshop registration is in development. If you’re not going to attend the session just skip it and ignore our reminders.

Discounts for Multipass holders

Yes, we provide a 20% discount for Regular & Late Bird tickets. Please note, this discount is not applicable for Early Bird and Blind Bird tickets. A 20% discount is also applicable for PRO workshops.

Portal account editing

Please enter your account → My Profile → Import account → follow the instructions.

Please enter your account → My Profile → click ‘Delete account’ on the bottom of the page and follow instructions.

My profile → Edit profile → Mailing Settings


Please reach out to us at with your email and the title of the workshop you attended.

Please go to your profile and recheck the format of your name there. Please update if needed. If it doesn’t resolve the issue please reach out to us at with your email and correct name.

We issue certificates by tracking conference attendance and people who attended live workshops. We're also working on certificate issuance for workshop recording viewers, that would ensure they qualify by watching most of the content or even completing a short quiz.

Team orders

The invoice can be issued for the orders of 4+ Multipasses. In any other cases you’ll need to purchase Multipasses via our website:

When you buy a team multipass, you can assign all passes to your team members, and choose if you would like to include yourself or not.

While buying Multipasses through the website and finishing the checkout you’ll be able to manage subscriptions from your GitNation Portal account: enter your account → My Multipass → Edit Multipass → My team. After these steps just enter the data of Multipass holders. If you don't yet have a GitNation Portal account (it may happen when you buy Multipass via invoice), we will create one for you and you will be able to manage your team from there, including sending invites to your colleagues.

Once you invite your colleagues they will be able to either use an existing account or create a new one before being linked to your team subscription.

Currently we support only a single team manager and either GitNation Portal accounts could be created using personal or company email addresses.

Our Team Multipass product is already highly discounted, but some requests can be discussed separately.

Subscription modification, refund

The refund is possible within 14 days after the payment day. In case you request it later it won’t be possible to arrange a refund.

To stop the subscription you need to follow these steps: enter your account → go to → click ‘Manage subscription’ button → pick your subscription → click ‘Cancel Subscription’. Please note, the refund is possible only within 14 days after the payment day.

Multipass will be valid till the end of the paid period. That means if you cancel the subscription now, you can use it till the next payment date.


Please reach out to us at with your email address and full name. Will report the issue to our dev team.

First please try to log out and log in again. If it doesn't help, please reach out to us at with your full name and email you used while purchasing Multipass.

Please send us your full name, the email address you initially used for registration on the portal and a new email address you’d like to connect to the portal account.

Please reach out to us at with your email address and full name. Will report the issue to our dev team.

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