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Multipass holders get access to:

annual conferences
React Advanced Conference 2022 logo
React Advanced Conference 2022
21-24 Oct, 2022
TestJS Summit 2022 logo
TestJS Summit 2022
Nov, 2022
React Day Berlin 2022 logo
React Day Berlin 2022
02 Dec, 2022
GraphQL Galaxy 2022 logo
GraphQL Galaxy 2022
09 Dec, 2022
Node Congress 2023 logo
Node Congress 2023
Feb, 2023
DevOps.js Conf 2023 logo
DevOps.js Conf 2023
Mar, 2023
JS GameDev Summit 2023 logo
JS GameDev Summit 2023
Apr, 2023
TypeScript Congress 2023 logo
TypeScript Congress 2023
Apr, 2023
Vue.js London 2023 logo
Vue.js London 2023
5-8 May, 2023
React Summit 2023 logo
React Summit 2023
May, 2023
JSNation 2023 logo
JSNation 2023
May, 2023
  • Full access to all GitNation remote conferences and exclusive events
  • Instant access to 2x more talks on advanced development with React, Vue, Angular, Node, and GraphQL
  • Latest JavaScript hands-on workshops to level up your skills
  • Certification upon event or course completion
  • Exclusive articles and videos
  • Transcriptions and talk content extras like slides, QnA and resources
  • Afterparties with speakers and attendees
  • Interactive chat in speakers' video rooms and discussion rooms

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Benefits your colleagues get with Multipass

Always up to date content from monthly conferences
Different learning formats:
  • Talks
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Discussion tables
  • QnA with technology authors
Access to top speakers from major tech companies
  • Discussion of practical tech challenges in speakers’ rooms
  • Learning from top trainers
Certificates of completion after conferences & workshops

Benefits the company gets by getting Multipass for their employees

Additional job perk & Reduction of employee churn
20% discount to in person conferences & workshops for Multipass holders
Team bonding opportunities
  • Tech event pre-afterparties
  • Practicing new technologies in groups with teammates at our workshops
License to stream in the office (5+ multipass order)
Convenient account management (coming soon)
  • Team seats management
  • Auto send email with 1 click to team members after registration
  • Certificates tracking

Multipass holders satisfaction

would like to attend our future editions of conferences
consider the content as a relevant and up to date
of Multipass holders renew their subscription

Get Multipass yearly subscription with a 20% discount

The discount is applicable for team of 4+ ppl

Multipass Packages

  • 20 Multipass subscriptions
  • Recognition via social media
  • Job ads placement (1 conf)
  • 30 Multipass subscriptions
  • Recognition via social media
  • Logo placed on the website
  • Job ads placement (3 conf)
  • Welcome pack (stickers and other perks)
  • 40+ Multipass subscriptions
  • Recognition via social media
  • Logo placed on the website
  • Job ads placement (all confs)
  • Welcome pack (stickers and other perks)
  • Complimentary event sponsor package
  • Special features on request
Multipass Package is a great way to combine a discounted large group subscription order with your employer branding featured to the thousands of engineers attending our conferences monthly.
Email us for enquiries and more information about your options.

Bonus perk: 20% discount on offline conference tickets and PRO workshops


Multipass holders enjoy unlimited 20% discount across all of our in-person events and PRO workshops.

The following example illustrates the deduction on the React Summit PRO workshop price. The total discounted amount may vary for each event.