Arun Michael Dsouza
Arun Michael Dsouza
Computer programmer from India currently building enterprise products for the web. Tech speaker, open source software author and contributor. Community leader for React Delhi-NCR and Open Source Delhi. Plays drums (occasionally), loves travelling, listening to rock music and playing video games.
JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
21 min
Using the Gamepad API for a Better Gaming Experience on the Web
This talk explores the usage and impact of the Gamepad API in the web gaming space. The Gamepad API lets you connect and use various gaming controllers with browsers, but since this API is in very early stages, tracking different controller inputs across browsers becomes extremely challenging. For this very purpose I have released an open source library which provides support for button press, axis movement events as well as vibration play effect in browsers. We’ll be focusing on how we can leverage this library for providing better gaming experiences to consumers on the web.