Raanan Weber
Raanan Weber
Raanan Weber is a JavaScript and TypeScript ("Web"?) developer, currently working at Microsoft as Babylon.js Web Tech Lead and is one of its core contributors, with emphasis on WebXR and the engine's build system. With a passion for open source, he constantly contributes to Babylon.js and various other Open-source projects. He lives in Berlin, Germany, where they find joy in playing the guitar and exploring Berlin's forests with his family and dog.
JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
20 min
Unleashing Next-Gen 3D Web Experiences with Babylon.js 6.0
In this session, we will explore the latest major release of Babylon.js that has brought significant advancements to web-based game development.
We will look into the new major features that were added to Babylon.js 6.0,  including fluid rendering and texture decals, which elevate visual fidelity to new heights, performance priority mode, accessibility support for 3D scenes, and the integration of the world-class Havok physics engine into the engine, unlocking unparalleled realism in web-based games.

We will also have a sneak peek into our plans for the next major version, as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in 3D web experiences.