Ilia Chernetskii
Ilia Chernetskii
Ilia has been working as a Web Developer since 2008 and has rich experience in creating complex web applications and writing reliable client and server-side application logic in JavaScript. He worked both in a large corporation and in a small company, where he realized how to make decisions, take responsibility and manage a team. Created his own startup, which he successfully sold. Passionate about computer science, mathematics and finding answers to challenging questions. He always has high demands for the quality of his own code and does not compromise in terms of the logic and speed of the code. He loves minimalism in code, design, and life.
JS GameDev Summit 2023JS GameDev Summit 2023
8 min
Increase the Performance of Your Games using Canvas
In this talk, we will dive deeper into the enormous potential of the HTML5 Canvas element as a tool for game development. Starting with an overview of the Canvas API and its graphics capabilities, we will look at the benefits for rendering 2D graphics for web games. Participants will gain insight into optimization techniques, advanced drawing and animation techniques and strategies for leveraging the full capabilities of Canvas to create smooth, high-performance gaming experiences. Filled with real-life examples, this talk is a must-see for professionals looking to take their web games to new heights of performance.