Bjarke Felbo
Bjarke Felbo
Doing my best to boost JS game development by organizing React Jam and a $100k grant initiative for open-source games. Previously researched ML algorithms at MIT, incl. making an open-source AI algorithm now used to serve 300M+ daily users. Awarded Forbes 30 under 30 and Marvin Minsky fellowship.
React Summit 2024React Summit 2024
Jun 17, 22:00
React Jam and Why React Is Awesome for Making Games
React started as a web rendering library, but its benefits and ease of use has made it find its way into many other domains, including now games! Yes, React is not what you'd traditionally use for making games, but it’s actually great for it. This talk will talk about the popular React Jam, a 10-day game jam for making games using React, and the pros/cons of using React for games. Listen in to hear how you can easily make a game using everyone’s favorite web library!