David Rousset
David Rousset
David is a Senior Program Manager in the Developer Division at Microsoft, working on the end-to-end dev experience for Teams & Azure Communication Services. He’s also the co-creator of Babylon.js. Even if he’s stopped contributing to the project a couple of years ago, he’s still passionate about WebXR and uses it to fun experiments. David is also interested in music composition, quantum computing & video gaming.
JS GameDev Summit 2022JS GameDev Summit 2022
33 min
Building Fun Experiments with WebXR & Babylon.js
During this session, we’ll see a couple of demos of what you can do using WebXR, with Babylon.js. From VR audio experiments, to casual gaming in VR on an arcade machine up to more serious usage to create new ways of collaboration using either AR or VR, you should have a pretty good understanding of what you can do today.
Check the article as well to see the full content including code samples: article.