Maya Nedeljković Batić
Maya Nedeljković Batić
Maya is a software engineer who has been creating complex frontend products for almost a decade. From workflow editors and no-code expert knowledge automation, to data labeling tools for image, video and medical data, she’s seen it all—or at least a lot of it. She studied fine arts painting and game development, but her passion is JavaScript and the web. She is bridging the gap between these different worlds with explorations in Three.js, WebGL, and 3D art.
React Day Berlin 2023React Day Berlin 2023
28 min
Multiplayer Games with React Three Fiber and WebSockets
Multiplayer games are the coolest: they bring us closer together, even when we’re battling it out. While you can’t build World of Warcraft in a weekend, you also don’t need a big AAA game studio production team to create a game that is fun and engaging. All you need is good old React with some Three.js and WebSocket magic sprinkled in! This talk walks you through creating a simple multiplayer game in the browser using React Three Fiber and Socket.IO. You will learn how to structure the game code, render an interactive 3D scene in the browser, and establish two-way communication between the client and server.