Independence: The Gaming Advantage


Vultr's Walt Ribeiro takes users through steps to easily launch game servers with Vultr using their One-Click Marketplace across more than 20 locations.

In this talk, Walt will demonstrate how to configure your account, how to browse and deploy from Vultr Marketplace, and how to stand up a basic Minecraft server using Bash on Ubuntu. Other flagship products and tools developers love will be highlighted along the way!

4 min
07 Apr, 2022


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Learn how to start a website on Vulture using the Vulture Marketplace or object storage for more customization. Vulture offers a wide range of products and services, including Bare Metal, Optimized Cloud Compute, Block Storage, and Load Balancers. With over 20 locations and popular operating systems, you can easily customize your website. Use code GetNation150 for $150 of free credit and contact Vulture for any inquiries.

1. Starting a Website on Vulture

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I'll show you how to start a website using two different ways on Vulture. The first way is Vulture Marketplace, where you can start a WordPress site with just a few clicks. We also have object storage for more customization. Vulture offers a wide range of products, including Bare Metal, Optimized Cloud Compute, Block Storage, Load Balancers, and more. We have over 20 locations, popular operating systems, and the ability to use custom ISOs. Use code GetNation150 to get $150 of free credit and contact us for any inquiries. Thanks for checking us out!

Hey, what's up everyone? I'm Walt Rivera and I'm Vulture's developer advocate. I'm going to show you how to start a website using two different ways here on Vulture.

So the first way is Vulture Marketplace and that is at forward slash marketplace. Let's go into explore marketplace and over here I'll say a really easy way of starting a website. Let's say I just wanted to start something simple like a WordPress site. I click on one button deploy. Let's say I want to do something simple like using an AMD CPU. I'll choose New York because I'm just outside of Manhattan and WordPress has already chosen for me. I'll do a $6 server and I'll deploy now. We have other options like we can do auto backups and other things and so I'll choose that. It comes down to $7.20. Deploy now and just like that we now have a WordPress instance just in a few clicks so I can start my website there.

We also have another great feature at Vulture where we can do object storage. So at object storage I'll just do add object storage $5 per month, New Jersey, that's great. I'll do add and just like that we now have object storage. So once this is done provisioning I can take something simple like my HTML page here and this one just says my first Vulture website and once this is done provisioning just like that in a couple seconds I'll go into my object storage. So now once this is done provisioning I can actually just go into here I can find out all of the info that I need to do an FTP upload and then just like that I'm able to start a website here on Vulture.

So Vulture is great for starting a website either through the marketplace or through object storage if you want something more customized but we have a lot of great products here at Vulture. I'll show you a quick just a few of them. We have our marketplace which has over 50 apps so there's a lot here if you wanted to do a one click solution to start a website here on Vulture rather than you having to build it from scratch. But we also have a lot of great new products like here we have Bare Metal, we have Optimized Cloud Compute, we have Regular Cloud Compute, we have Block Storage, we have Object Storage, we have Load Balancers, we have our Kubernetes Engine which we call VKE for Vulture Kubernetes Engine. So at Vulture we have more than 20 locations, we're independent, we have a great Vulture Kubernetes Engine, we have awesome partnerships and we have a lot of the most popular operating systems. We have everything from Windows to CentOS to FreeBSD, Rocky Linux and also if there's an operating system that you wanted at Vulture that maybe we don't have then we allow for custom ISOs. So you can get started on anything that you wanted and you can customize it as you want.

So as I mentioned we have more than 20 locations and to get started we're giving you $150 of free credit using GetNation150. So just use code GetNation150 and we'll give you $150 to try out Vulture yourself and if you have any questions for us then you can contact us support at If you needed to talk with partnerships you can email partners at and for any general inquiries just email info at So once again thanks for checking us out, that's a little bit about what we do and try code GetNation150 to give us a shot and we'll be happy to help you build your product or service along the way. So have a great day and thanks again for watching this.

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