May 12 - 15, 2023
Vue.js Live Conference
London, UK + Online
Vue.js London 2023

Code / Create / Communicate

Following the expansion of the Vue ecosystem, Vue.js Live Conference has grown from a local Meetup to an international conf. The event will welcome more 5k Vue folks remotely from anywhere in the world. Every participant around the world can access online workshops, fun & networking with stellar Vue people.
30 min
Stop Writing Your Routes
The more you keep working on an application, the more complicated its routing becomes, and the easier it is to make a mistake. ""Was the route named users or was it user?"", ""Did it have an id param or was it userId?"". If only TypeScript could tell you what are the possible names and params. If only you didn't have to write a single route anymore and let a plugin do it for you. In this talk we will go through what it took to bring automatically typed routes for Vue Router.
28 min
A Saga of Web Rendering Woes
This talk will look at the evolution of web rendering modes and what the Jamstack movement is all about. We will build a demo project to show how a static site generator and a Headless CMS can be combined to create dynamic and engaging stories while maintaining a static site's performance and scalability benefits.You will learn about the advantages and limitations of each rendering mode and gain a deeper understanding of how to use Jamstack to build powerful and dynamic storytelling experiences.
11 min
The Hidden Cost of Open Source
There is a cost that many companies don’t consider when using open source. It can cost a lot of money and time to keep upgrading sunsetted versions.Open source is free for companies to use until the author sunsets a version.These are some best practices that we we recommend when considering open source adoption:        - Who is the author? Do they have a strong reputation that is going to be around for a long time? Do they have the resources to support an enterprise library?        - How much online support is there in the community for this library? How many dependencies are on this library?        - Does it have an end of life policy? What’s going to happen when they rev on a version? Will companies have an option to stay on older versions for a long time?        - What should you consider when migrating to a supported framework after a version has been sunsetted?
33 min
Writing Good Tests for Vue Applications (e2e vs. Component Tests, Features of a *Good* Test)
The emergence of SPAs, and therefore logic-heavy client-side code, drastically changed the game for front-end developers. As a result, for the last couple of years, we have had to catch up with sophisticated techniques to build high-quality applications—one of the essential being testing.More and more people started to add tests to their Vue.js-powered applications. With varying degrees of success. The field is still relatively new, and we all need more experience in how to test client-side applications most effectively.With my talk, I want to walk through 1) how to come up with a solid testing strategy (tools and practices) and 2) work on a real-world example of how we combine E2E testing with component testing.I want to highlight some general principles from testing theory and then go into the practical application—live coding in a TDD manner.
31 min
Nuxt 3 Modules and Open-Source
Nuxt modules are the de-facto way of extending our Nuxt applications with new behaviors and functionalities. Have you ever built your own? Why would you bother with hundreds of modules already out there? Let's answer those questions together and see why making your own modules in Nuxt 3 can both help you have a deeper understanding of how Nuxt works while also paving the way for you to get into open source!
31 min
Image Optimization - Quick Win for Improving Performance in Vue & Nuxt Apps
Improving Performance of Vue or Nuxt apps is not an easy task. However, there are some quick wins that you can implement easily that will drastically improve the performance of your website. One of such quick win is Image Optimization. In this talk, I will teach you how to optimize images on the fly with Digital Asset Managements services like Cloudinary or Content Management Systems, utilize the concept of Lazy Loading, use compressed format of images like WEBP, and many more!
29 min
You’re Probably Using Lighthouse Wrong: How We Got Tricked by a Single Magic Number
These days web performance is one of the most important things everyone wants to optimize on their apps, and it's clear to everyone how dramatic the impact of a poorly optimized website is on business. Yet we as an industry completely fail in recognizing its complexity and widely misuse the most common tool to measure it — Google Lighthouse. If you’re one of those people thinking that good performance equals a good Lighthouse score, you’ve also fallen into this trap and this talk is for you.
32 min
The Art of Rendering Modes: Go Beyond a Blank Page
In the world of Single Page Applications, client-side rendering has long been the go-to method for rendering content. However, as SPAs have evolved, other rendering modes have emerged that offer different advantages and disadvantages. In my talk, we will explore why it's important to go beyond a blank page as initial request and explore different rendering modes like SSR, SSG, ISG and more. We'll not only cover the pros and cons of each mode but also provide real and comparable examples. By the end of the talk, you'll have a better understanding of the different rendering modes available for SPAs, and be able to choose the best one for your needs. Join my talk to explore the art of rendering modes.
31 min
Building Backwards Compatible Vue Libraries
Many organizations with component libraries are working on upgrades for their Vue 2 apps so that they can support Vue 3. Sometimes it's not easy! Ideally, you could write your code once and cross-compile it for different Vue runtimes. In this talk, we'll do exactly that. At the end, you'll have a recipe for shipping libraries that support both Vue 2 and Vue 3.
27 min
Alive and Kicking - A Vue Into Rock & Roll
Rock & roll is alive and kicking and in this talk I will showcase that Vue is so versatile it can be used to do audio visualisations while rock guitar soars through the browser. The audience will have access to a vue application which allows them to vote for a song to be played live on stage. The screen shows all the votes and I play them as they come up. While playing music meta data is shown and an audio visualisation plays while I’m rocking on stage. The more votes a song gets, the higher it shows on the list and the more chance I’ll play it. The whole experience is created using Vue and Uniform. Next to waking the audience up with some spicy rock & roll, I will explain how the software was build and why Vue is such an important technology for composable architectures with multiple channels. Vue is also used to control the guitar sound, right from the browser.
24 min
Testing Vue 3 Applications with Mock Service Worker
In this talk, we will discuss some best practices for testing Vue 3 applications. We will explore how the Mock Service Worker and the Vue Testing Library can aid us in testing Vue 3 applications closer to a real-live user situation. Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of how to effectively test their Vue 3 applications to ensure reliability and maintainability.
31 min
Building the Vue 3 VDOM on Stage
This talk is designed to show people what a virtual DOM is, and what it is used for. We'll see a bit the theory of it, then build a simplified version of the Vue 3 VDOM on stage from scratch - step by step! After the talk, people will have more familiarity with the black box that sometimes is "VDOM".
22 min
Let’s Get Visual - Visual Testing in Your Vue.JS Project
Visual testing compares the appearance of your application with a previous state. If changes become visible, you can allow them or not. So you or your testers have their eyes everywhere - without needing to check manually repeatedly. I've been using visual testing for a while, saving my neck a few times. Let's look at my journey together and explore if and how visual testing can also help your projects.
25 min
Let’s Make Our Single Page Application Accessible
This talk is going to provide recommendations to make a single page application accessible. The talk is not going to cover the basic of accessibility, like adding ALT text or using correct HTML elements, but it is going to cover major shortfalls existing in our SPA.In no particular order, this talk is going to cover the following topics:- Provide a list of resources (blog, book and people to follow)- Introduce the issue with SPA with a live example- Describe and solve issues with Routing issue in SPA- Describe and solve issues with dynamic changes in a Vue app- A quick intro to correct HTML element (and how to leverage Vue for this)- Describe and fix Browser history
24 min
Patterns for Large Scale Vue.js Applications
What is the best way to structure a Vue.js application so that it can scale to meet all your users' needs? There are multiple patterns established by the Vue community and the programming community at large that can be adopted in order to make your codebases more predictable, maintainable, and extendable.
28 min
Migrating a 1000 Class Components App to Vue 3
Vue 3 is amazing, but a lot of us are still stuck on a Vue 2 monolith. Some of us are stuck even more due to technology choices made before Vue 3 was even on the roadmap. Let's outline the process of migrating a large project to Vue 3 and Vite. Techniques we can employ to get some benefits sooner, process we can apply to get things done more quickly. Things we can do to get it done eventually.
20 min
Proven Pinia Patterns
With Vue's new-and-improved state management library, Pinia, we gain a much more modular tool. While being more flexible, leaner, and lacking the Mutations of Vuex, Pinia presents us with more opportunities to be creative, for better or worse, with our app architecture and how state management is conducted and organized within it.This talk explores some @posva-approved best practices and architectural design patterns to consider when using Pinia in production.
24 min
Conquering Forms in Vue
Web forms are the connective tissue of the internet. Without them, people cannot request their health records, apply for university, order pad thai, or book a plane ticket. Yet too often, the tools we use to build those forms are a grab bag of libraries and DIY solutions that can result in a subpar user experience, poor accessibility, and low maintainability.In this talk, we will introduce FormKit — a form-building framework — and explore how this tool can empower Vue developers to write consistent, accessible, even delightful forms without spending a lifetime building them.Talk table of contents:- The problem with forms, why they’re hard- Introduction to FormKit- Input library- Validation- Accessibility- Form architecture- Generating forms from JSON- Next steps and closing statements
14 min
Domain Driven Design with Vue Applications
Introduction to Domain Driven Design- What is DDD?- Key principles of DDD- Benefits of using DDD in web application developmentDomain Modeling in Vue 3 Applications- How to design and implement domain models in Vue 3- Strategies for integrating domain logic with Vue's reactive data model and component-based architectureBest Practices for Implementing DDD in Vue 3- Strategies for organizing code in a way that follows DDD principles- Techniques for reducing coupling between domain and application logic- Tips for testing and debugging domain logic in Vue 3 applications