Aaron Mitchell
Aaron Mitchell
Aaron “Mitch” Mitchell has 10+ years of experience in product management. He’s consulted for Twitter, Sony, Western Digital, Lyft, and others on new product development and strategy. He is currently the President of HeroDevs and spends his time longboarding and playing with his 3 sons.
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The Hidden Cost of Open Source
There is a cost that many companies don’t consider when using open source. It can cost a lot of money and time to keep upgrading sunsetted versions.
Open source is free for companies to use until the author sunsets a version.
These are some best practices that we we recommend when considering open source adoption:
        - Who is the author? Do they have a strong reputation that is going to be around for a long time? Do they have the resources to support an enterprise library?
        - How much online support is there in the community for this library? How many dependencies are on this library?
        - Does it have an end of life policy? What’s going to happen when they rev on a version? Will companies have an option to stay on older versions for a long time?
        - What should you consider when migrating to a supported framework after a version has been sunsetted?