Joran Quinten
Joran Quinten
Jorans passion involves getting people to love technology and technology to play nice. He works as an interaction developer with ♡ for web. Focussed on levelling up the design system @ Jumbo Supermarkten. 🧭 Collaborating with Fontys University @ InnovationLab. 🧪 Writing a book on real world projects with VueJS 3 @ Packt Publishing. 📚
JSNation 2023JSNation 2023
9 min
Maintaining a Component Library at Scale
This talk is about an example approach on how to organise maintenance across multiple teams, where we talk about how we came to this plan at Jumbo and what benefits it brings to the Developer Experience while being able to continuously deliver features to our customers.
We're dealing with maintenance, ownership, adding small features, upgrading from Vue2 to Vue3 and the culture that supports this way of working.