Ramona Schwering
Ramona Schwering
Ramona is a Developer Advocate at Auth0, with a software engineering and quality assurance background. She bridges the gap between testers and developers and fosters trust in identity topics. Ramona is also a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and a Women Techmaker and Cypress Ambassador.
JSNation 2024JSNation 2024
Web Fortified: Best Practices for Web App Security
In today's world, prioritizing your application's security is crucial. All the data stored in it should be kept safe and protected, just like the inhabitants of a fortress that rely on high walls for their defense. However, history and movies have shown that even the most robust walls can't withstand an attack if weak points can be exploited. This is also true for VueJS applications.
Join me for a concise, practical session on fortifying your Vue.js apps against security threats and implementing best practices.
Vue.js Live 2024Vue.js Live 2024
Who Are Vue? Authn In Vue, The Important Parts
In the ever-evolving landscape of modern single-page applications, VueJS stands out but also presents us with challenges. Among them, authentication is crucial: ensuring the user's identity and securing their journey within your application. Fear not; we're here to guide you through these exciting frontiers. In my session, I'll unravel the secrets of authentication in VueJS applications, making it a delightful learning journey for everyone while keeping the focus on the most critical parts. I'll provide an overview of an authentication flow, break down each step, and demystify the role of JWT tokens in the process. 
Whether you're a seasoned VueJS developer or just getting started, you're welcome. A dash of prior experience with user authentication certainly doesn't hurt, but it's optional. 
Target audience: Web Developers of all levels who want to learn about security topics and best practices.
Key learnings:- Giving a small introduction to the most essential terms and concepts of Authentication;- VueJS is used as an example, but the concepts will be agnostic.
Vue.js London 2023Vue.js London 2023
22 min
Let’s Get Visual - Visual Testing in Your Vue.JS Project
Visual testing compares the appearance of your application with a previous state. If changes become visible, you can allow them or not. So you or your testers have their eyes everywhere - without needing to check manually repeatedly. I've been using visual testing for a while, saving my neck a few times. Let's look at my journey together and explore if and how visual testing can also help your projects.
TestJS Summit 2021TestJS Summit 2021
20 min
It's a (Testing) Trap! - Common Testing Pitfalls and How to Solve Them
It’s a trap” - a call or feeling we all might be familiar with, not only when it comes to Star Wars. It’s signalizing a sudden moment of noticing imminent danger. This situation is an excellent allegory for an unpleasant realization in testing. Imagine having the best intentions when it comes to testing but still ending up with tests failing to deliver you any value at all? Tests who are feeling like a pain to deal with?
When writing frontend tests, there are lots of pitfalls on the way. In sum, they can lead to lousy maintainability, slow execution time, and - in the worst-case - tests you cannot trust. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this session, I will talk about developers’ common mistakes (including mine), at least from my experience. And, of course, on how to avoid them. Testing doesn’t need to be painful, after all.