Adam Jahr
Adam Jahr
Adam Jahr is the co-founder of Vue Mastery, the ultimate learning resource for Vue developers and the biggest financial backer of the Vue framework. As an e-learning educator, he has taught hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide and teaches live at conferences across the globe. Adam is a proud Vue.js Community Partner. When he isn't teaching Vue, he enjoys creating interactive art installations.
Vue.js London 2023Vue.js London 2023
20 min
Proven Pinia Patterns
With Vue's new-and-improved state management library, Pinia, we gain a much more modular tool. While being more flexible, leaner, and lacking the Mutations of Vuex, Pinia presents us with more opportunities to be creative, for better or worse, with our app architecture and how state management is conducted and organized within it.This talk explores some @posva-approved best practices and architectural design patterns to consider when using Pinia in production.
Vue.js London Live 2021Vue.js London Live 2021
5 min
Migrating to Vue 3
Migrating your Vue 2 app over to Vue 3 doesn't have to be painful. This talk walks you through the process.