Markus Oberlehner
Markus Oberlehner
Markus Oberlehner is a web developer from Austria. He works for, Austria's largest career portal. Markus runs a blog where he regularly writes about Vue.js and general web topics.
Vue.js London 2023Vue.js London 2023
33 min
Writing Good Tests for Vue Applications (e2e vs. Component Tests, Features of a *Good* Test)
The emergence of SPAs, and therefore logic-heavy client-side code, drastically changed the game for front-end developers. As a result, for the last couple of years, we have had to catch up with sophisticated techniques to build high-quality applications—one of the essential being testing.
More and more people started to add tests to their Vue.js-powered applications. With varying degrees of success. The field is still relatively new, and we all need more experience in how to test client-side applications most effectively.
With my talk, I want to walk through 1) how to come up with a solid testing strategy (tools and practices) and 2) work on a real-world example of how we combine E2E testing with component testing.
I want to highlight some general principles from testing theory and then go into the practical application—live coding in a TDD manner.