Jessica Sachs
Jessica Sachs
Jess is a Software Engineer and leader in the frontend testing space. She led the development of Cypress Component Testing, is a Core Team Member of Faker, and is currently working at Ionic on the future of mobile development. She’s been programming professionally for more than 12 years and has been working professionally within the Open Source community for many of those. She’s a contributor to Vue and Vitest.
Vue.js London 2023Vue.js London 2023
31 min
Building Backwards Compatible Vue Libraries
Many organizations with component libraries are working on upgrades for their Vue 2 apps so that they can support Vue 3. Sometimes it's not easy! Ideally, you could write your code once and cross-compile it for different Vue runtimes. In this talk, we'll do exactly that. At the end, you'll have a recipe for shipping libraries that support both Vue 2 and Vue 3.