Filip Rakowski
Filip Rakowski
Co-founder & CTO of Vue Storefront - biggest Open Source eCommerce frontend project, co-organizer of Wrocław Vue.js meetups, web perf geek since 2017, proud cat owner.
Vue.js London 2023Vue.js London 2023
29 min
You’re Probably Using Lighthouse Wrong: How We Got Tricked by a Single Magic Number
These days web performance is one of the most important things everyone wants to optimize on their apps, and it's clear to everyone how dramatic the impact of a poorly optimized website is on business. Yet we as an industry completely fail in recognizing its complexity and widely misuse the most common tool to measure it — Google Lighthouse. If you’re one of those people thinking that good performance equals a good Lighthouse score, you’ve also fallen into this trap and this talk is for you.
Vue.js London Live 2021Vue.js London Live 2021
28 min
How to Measure Performance Effectively?
Most of the people in our industry know what Lighthouse or Page Speed Insights are and use them regularly. Unfortunately, most of them have no idea how they work which leads to terrible misconceptions and misunderstandings, especially for non-tech business owners. In this talk, I want to help everyone make better use of these tools explaining how they work, what's their goal, and how to interpret the data to come to the right conclusions.