Forms are elements used in web development to collect data from users. They are usually presented as a page with input fields, checkboxes and radio buttons that allow the user to fill out the form and submit it. Forms can be used for collecting information like user names, passwords, contact information, payment details, and other data. Forms can also be used to submit queries to databases, send emails, or even store data in a database. By using JavaScript, forms can be created to validate data, provide feedback to the user, and create interactive experiences.
Vue.js London 2023Vue.js London 2023
24 min
Conquering Forms in Vue
Web forms are the connective tissue of the internet. Without them, people cannot request their health records, apply for university, order pad thai, or book a plane ticket. Yet too often, the tools we use to build those forms are a grab bag of libraries and DIY solutions that can result in a subpar user experience, poor accessibility, and low maintainability.
In this talk, we will introduce FormKit — a form-building framework — and explore how this tool can empower Vue developers to write consistent, accessible, even delightful forms without spending a lifetime building them.
Talk table of contents:
- The problem with forms, why they’re hard
- Introduction to FormKit
- Input library
- Validation
- Accessibility
- Form architecture
- Generating forms from JSON
- Next steps and closing statements