Simone Cuomo
Simone Cuomo
Software Engineer Architect, Vue Js guru, JS lover, A11y fan, PWA explorer, @gitKraken Ambassador, book author and super dad.
Vue.js London 2023Vue.js London 2023
25 min
Let’s Make Our Single Page Application Accessible
This talk is going to provide recommendations to make a single page application accessible. The talk is not going to cover the basic of accessibility, like adding ALT text or using correct HTML elements, but it is going to cover major shortfalls existing in our SPA.In no particular order, this talk is going to cover the following topics:- Provide a list of resources (blog, book and people to follow)- Introduce the issue with SPA with a live example- Describe and solve issues with Routing issue in SPA- Describe and solve issues with dynamic changes in a Vue app- A quick intro to correct HTML element (and how to leverage Vue for this)- Describe and fix Browser history