Supercharging Your Dev Experience With Turborepo

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Monorepos is a hot topic in the TypeScript/JavaScript community these days, but getting a high performing monorepo setup from the ground up can be challenging. In this talk, we will see how Turborepo can help you to move your monorepo tasks at light speed.

26 min
05 Dec, 2022


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This Talk introduces TuberApple, a tool for supercharging the development experience. It explores the benefits of using a monorepo, such as easier code sharing and collaboration. TuberApple, specifically Tuburepo, enables efficient task execution through caching and parallel execution. It also demonstrates how Tuburepo simplifies local development, running tests, managing task dependencies, and utilizing caching in a monorepo. Additionally, it highlights Tuburepo's compatibility with CI environments and cache sharing across different CI systems.

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