Next.js: Reshaping Web App Architecture for Performance Excellence

This talk is scheduled for Jun 17, 22:00
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Are you struggling to achieve optimal performance in your web applications? Are you unsure about how to effectively manage your application's routes while ensuring maximum security for your sensitive data? These are the most recent problems we encountered at l’Oréal Tech Accelerator where our users used to wait in front of empty white screens long before getting the needed information. After extensive research and deliberation, we looked at Next.js as a potential solution to our woes. However, adopting Next.js presented us with a new set of challenges. We had to rethink our architecture and determine the best approach for integrating the frontend, backend, and our core backend systems. In this talk we will discuss in more details the obstacles we faced and the innovative solutions we implemented to overcome them.

17 Jun, 2024
Video transcription, chapters and summary will be available later.