Matteo Frana
Matteo Frana
I am from Bergamo, Italy, I have a son of 7 and a daughter of 4. I program since I was 10 (it was 1988, GW-BASIC on a IBM 8088) and develop web apps since 1996. I’m in love with React and my mission is making content editing fun with React Bricks. I play the piano, I try to play the guitar and I write songs. I like cooking and I'm interested in quantum mechanics.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
8 min
Visual CMS… cool for React devs? Now’s the time!
1. A brief history of web content management since 1996, with alternating code and visual tools:
   - The “FTP” era: Code editors
   - The “monolithic” era: CGI/ASP/PHP simple CMSs with gray tables
WordPress visual
WordPress with ACF
   - The “current” era: Headless CMSs
Visual tools like Wix and WebFlow
2. Why now’s the time we need a new kind of CMS
3. What is React Bricks
4. The experience for content editors (explained by a customer’s content editor)
5. The experience for developers (explained by a partner agency’s web developer)
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
139 min
Create a Visually Editable Next.js Website Using React Bricks, With Blog and E-commerce
Workshop Free
- React Bricks: why we built it, what it is and how it works
- Create a free account
- Create a new project with Next.js and Tailwind
- Explore the directory structure
- Anatomy of a Brick
- Create a new Brick (Text-Image)
- Add a title and description with RichText visual editing
- Add an Image with visual editing
- Add Sidebar controls to edit props (padding and image side)
- Nesting Bricks using the Repeater component
- Create an Image gallery brick
- Publish on Netlify or Vercel
- Page Types and Custom fields
- Access Page meta values
- Internationalization
- How to reuse content across pages: Stories and Embeds
- How to create an E-commerce with Products’ data from an external database and landing pages created visually in React Bricks
- Advanced enterprise features: flexible permissions, locked structure, custom visual components
React Finland 2021React Finland 2021
24 min
React Bricks: a CMS with visual editing based on React components
Headless CMSs are great for developers, but not for content creators.
React Bricks is the first CMS that is super-great for Developers (it's just React, backed solid APIs), for Content Creators (it keeps the visual editing experience of no-code tools like Wix) and for Designers (you can express your exact design system and be sure nobody will break it). I'll show you how it works!