Data is a term used to describe information that can be processed by a computer. In the context of JavaScript, it is any information that can be stored and manipulated using programming code. Our course includes talks and workshops on how to store, manipulate, and analyze data using JavaScript.
Node Congress 2024Node Congress 2024
21 min
Mastering Web Scraping with Scrapoxy: Unleash Your Data Extraction Wizardry!
Unlock the potential of web scraping with this session! 1/ Building Web Scrapers - The Art Unveiled2/ Proxy and Browser Farms Adventure3/ Scrapoxy Orchestration - Elevate Your Scalability4/ Protection Measures DisclosedThis concise session will immerse you in the world of web scraping.#WebScraping #Proxy #ReverseEngineering 🕵️‍♂️
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
11 min
How Realm by MongoDB is Testing Native Modules “on device”
Running tests on Node.js is common practice for app and library developers. But when your library is integrating more deeply with the platform, operating system or JS engine, you need to run tests “on device” increases. The Realm JS team at MongoDB is faced with this challenge, as we’re maintaining a React Native library with native modules. In this talk I’ll share the “mocha-remote” package which we’ve built to help us run tests “on device” while getting reporting and remaining in control from the comfort of our terminals.
JSNation 2023JSNation 2023
27 min
Apache Kafka Simply Explained With TypeScript Examples
You’re curious about what Apache Kafka does and how it works, but between the terminology and explanations that seem to start at a complex level, it's been difficult to embark. This session is different. We'll talk about what Kafka is, what it does and how it works in simple terms with easy to understand and funny examples that you can share later at a dinner table with your family.
This session is for curious minds, who might have never worked with distributed streaming systems before, or are beginners to event streaming applications.
But let simplicity not deceive you - by the end of the session you’ll be equipped to create your own Apache Kafka event stream!
GraphQL Galaxy 2022GraphQL Galaxy 2022
22 min
Real-Time Data Updates for Neo4j Using GraphQL Subscriptions
Join Thomas from the GraphQL Team at Neo4j as he talks about one of the newest features of the Neo4j GraphQL Library: GraphQL Subscriptions. Using this new feature, GraphQL API consumers can listen to data changes in real-time, which happen in Neo4j via the GraphQL Library. Following a high-level overview of the Neo4j GraphQL Library, he will demonstrate the new Subscriptions feature.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
7 min
Content Modeling for React Developers
In today's world, it's no surprise that "Content is King". It helps in telling a story and helping you reach out to more people. Most of the time, developers aren't the ones managing this content. Hence, modeling content efficiently becomes crucial. Doing it well makes the content delivery process smooth for the team. But how does one go on with modeling content? What are the things that one should take care of? I'll answer such questions in this talk, and share my approach to content modeling as a React developer.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
24 min
Infiltrate Your Own React Native App
Ever wondered how hackers can compromise your app and your app data? In this talk you will see how to infiltrate your own app with different techniques like decompiling, sniffing, etc.. By the end of the talk, you'll walk away a little bit scared but more prepared with some great practices to infiltrate your own app and the knowledge to battle them.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
26 min
The Art of Functional Programming
Functional Programming (FP), a paradigm in which programs are made up of pure, stateless functions, is adored by many programmers for how easy it makes it to predict, test, and debug the behavior of the code we write. Although FP has an unfortunate reputation as an ivory-tower domain full of obscure jargon comprehensible only to those with PhDs in category theory, the core concepts are straightforward ideas all of us can understand, and even have fun learning!
In this talk, we’ll create generative SVG art as a way to explore fundamental FP concepts such as recursion and function composition, and tackle the practical challenges of FP in the real world, such as dealing with the tricky parts like side effects and randomness which don’t fit into the safe, sterile world of pure functions. By the end of the talk we’ll not only have the key concepts & techniques we need to start writing our own functional programs, we’ll have some pretty functional art to look at too!
Node Congress 2021Node Congress 2021
29 min
Safely Handling Dynamic Data with TypeScript
TypeScript makes JavaScript safer adding static type definitions. Static definitions are wonderful; they prevent developers from making trivial mistakes ensuring every assignment and invocation is done correctly. A variable typed as a string cannot be assigned a number, and a function expecting three arguments cannot be called with only two. These definitions only exist at build time though; the code that is eventually executed is just JavaScript. But what about the response from an API request? In this talk Ethan Arrowood, Software Engineer 2 @ Microsoft, he will cover various solutions for safely typing dynamic data in TypeScript applications. This talk features popular technologies such as Fastify, JSON Schema, Node.js, and more!