Juan Andrés Núñez Charro
Juan Andrés Núñez Charro
Frontend Engineer working at Docplanner. Passionate about Web technologies, JavaScript and Vue.js. Founder of Escuela Vue (http://www.escuelavue.es/). Voracious reader of ancient history and philosophy (Stoicism).
Vue.js Live 2024Vue.js Live 2024
May 1, 14:00
Learn To Use Composables: The Swiss Army Knife Of Vue Developers
Composables (composition functions) are stateful/stateless functions that can leverage Vue's reactivity API, decoupling it from components.This shift in perspective opens the possibility for tackling common scenarios in a new and creative way. In this workshop, you will learn how to solve typical problems every Vue developer faces, using composables:
- Data store;- Component cross-communication;- Utility functions (DOM, API, etc);And more.