Thomas Wiss
Thomas Wiss
Thomas is a software engineer in the GraphQL team at Neo4j where he usually works with Javascript, Typescript, Cypher, and of course GraphQL. Prior to joining the GraphQL team, Thomas was part of the team who builds Neo4j’s graph visualization product, Bloom. Whenever he closes the laptop for the day he makes sure to get out in nature, do all kinds of sports and read a good book.
GraphQL Galaxy 2022GraphQL Galaxy 2022
22 min
Real-Time Data Updates for Neo4j Using GraphQL Subscriptions
Join Thomas from the GraphQL Team at Neo4j as he talks about one of the newest features of the Neo4j GraphQL Library: GraphQL Subscriptions. Using this new feature, GraphQL API consumers can listen to data changes in real-time, which happen in Neo4j via the GraphQL Library. Following a high-level overview of the Neo4j GraphQL Library, he will demonstrate the new Subscriptions feature.