Kræn Hansen
Kræn Hansen
Kræn is a Senior Software Engineer at MongoDB contributing primarily to Realm JS and its related packages. He has build and maintained multiple React apps, including the Realm Cloud (replaced by MongoDB Atlas post acquisition) and Realm Studio (an Electron app to browse the Realm database). He lives 30 minutes west of Copenhagen, with his wife and their two twin girls. They recently added yet another newborn girl to their pack.
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
11 min
How Realm by MongoDB is Testing Native Modules “on device”
Running tests on Node.js is common practice for app and library developers. But when your library is integrating more deeply with the platform, operating system or JS engine, you need to run tests “on device” increases. The Realm JS team at MongoDB is faced with this challenge, as we’re maintaining a React Native library with native modules. In this talk I’ll share the “mocha-remote” package which we’ve built to help us run tests “on device” while getting reporting and remaining in control from the comfort of our terminals.