Wouter van den Broek
Wouter van den Broek
Wouter van den Broek is a independent consultant and engineer. He has build more than 200 apps, from Symbian to BlackBerry to iOS and Android and now on the endeavor with React Native. With all these years of experience in the mobile world with building mobile apps there is a lot of knowledge to be shared. Also loves new technology, software processes; how to figure those out and traveling and reading.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
24 min
Infiltrate Your Own React Native App
Ever wondered how hackers can compromise your app and your app data? In this talk you will see how to infiltrate your own app with different techniques like decompiling, sniffing, etc.. By the end of the talk, you'll walk away a little bit scared but more prepared with some great practices to infiltrate your own app and the knowledge to battle them.