Crash Course into the Jamstack with Next.js & Storyblok

Workshop from:
React Day Berlin
React Day Berlin 2022

    You might have read already about Jamstack. You probably already used Next.js, and recently you may be hearing a lot about the headless CMSs. This quick course will put all the pieces together and show you why Storyblok, combined with Next.js, is the best combo for your next project. Stop by and try it yourself!

    - In-depth Jamstack knowledge. How it changed from old times to the modern world. Learn how Jamstack was created by comparing Static Sites and Dynamic Sites.

    - How Next.js serves content, and how content is served with Static Site Generation (SSG).

    - Atomic design methodology, and how this is applied to the content management system.

    - Hands-on project experience by building a Jamstack project with Next.js and Storyblok.


    - Any Text . Visual Studio Code recommended

    - Node.js LTS

    - NPM or Yarn

    - GitHub account

    - Vercel account

    - Familiarity with JavaScript, React, and Git. Having worked with Next.js before is a plus

    What's included

    1. Introduction and overview of the workshop

    2. Introduction to Jamstack

    3. Introduction to Atomic Design

    4. Overview of Headless CMS

    5. Introduction to Storyblok

    6. Next.js app creation

    7. Storyblok space creation

    8. Next.js and Storyblok connection

    9. Custom components creation

    10.First-page creation

    11. Introduction to Visual

    12. Dynamic pages addition

    13. Blog section creation

    14. Deployment on Vercel

    161 min
    28 Nov, 2022

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