Emanuele Stoppa
Emanuele Stoppa
Emanuele Stoppa is an Italian Senior Software Engineer, currently living in Ireland. Active contributor to the Biome project. He has more than ten years of experience in the field. He worked in many fields in the industry - fintech, travel, e-commerce, etc. - and is passionate about open source.
DevOps.js Conf 2024DevOps.js Conf 2024
Feb 14, 23:00
You don't know how to SSR
A walk-through of the evolution of SSR in the last twelve years. We will cover how techniques changed, typical problems, tools you can use and various solutions, all from the point of view of my personal experience as a consumer and maintainer.
JSNation 2023JSNation 2023
31 min
Rome, a Modern Toolchain!
Modern JavaScript projects come in many shapes: websites, web applications, desktop apps, mobile apps, and more. For most of them, the common denominator is the technical debt that comes from settings up tools: bundlers, testing suite, code analysis, documentation, etc. I want to present you Rome, a toolchain that aims to be a all-in-one toolchain for the web, with one single tool you can maintain the health of all your projects!