Fredrik Höglund
Fredrik Höglund
Fredrik is currently a freelance consultant and has been working with and been weirdly fascinated by React Server Rendering for the last 8 years. He is a React Query contributor, has written his own custom server renderer(s), and though he wishes he had time to contribute more actual code to open source than he currently does, his issues, discussions, suggestions and explanations on mostly SSR-related matters litters many corners of GitHub and the wider internet. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden, is a Cognitive Scientist by education and likes brewing beer in his free time, that is, when he isn’t playing Zelda with his kids. Zelda is incidentally also the name of his dog.
React Advanced Conference 2023React Advanced Conference 2023
28 min
A Practical Guide for Migrating to Server Components
Server Components are the hot new thing, but so far much of the discourse around them has been abstract. Let's change that. This talk will focus on the practical side of things, providing a roadmap to navigate the migration journey. Starting from an app using the older Next.js pages router and React Query, we’ll break this journey down into a set of actionable, incremental steps, stopping only when we have something shippable that’s clearly superior to what we began with. We’ll also discuss next steps and strategies for gradually embracing more aspects of this transformative paradigm.