Storybook is a tool used to develop and design user interfaces (UI) in JavaScript. It allows developers to create components that can be reused throughout their application, as well as visualize how the UI will look and behave before it goes live. Storybook also enables developers to quickly prototype and iterate on their designs with hot-reloading of changes. Storybook also offers a number of add-ons that allow developers to easily integrate testing and automation tools into their workflow.
TestJS Summit 2023TestJS Summit 2023
21 min
Zen and the Art of UI Components Testing
Yes, we do need to test our UI components but... If this rings a bell, and especially if your application has advanced UI functionality, this talk is for you.In this talk, we will cover what are the factors that need to be tested in UI components. We will challenge the testing pyramid when it comes to UI Components testing, and review the different tools that we have nowadays for making UI component testing complete Zen.
TestJS Summit 2023TestJS Summit 2023
9 min
Visual Testing: Optimize Storybook and Win
One thing most people agree on is that UI's have multiple dimensions of complexity.Imagine you are at lunch with some of your team or family, and you get a Slack message that a portion of the site isn’t working.The Ad placement no longer loads on your money-generating news site that sees millions of monthly users.Or your login form loads infinitely after a user attempts to log in, and no one can access the application.The backend logic works and all API requests return 200 responses.It turns out we missed a loading state handler for the component, and the UI does not render correctly.How do we manage all of that?The conventional approach is to build the component on the application page where it is first used and manually test or use integration tests to verify UI.This approach makes it difficult to verify all the component states.Instead of all this overwhelm, you want a simple comparison of your UI and how it looks now after making changes.This is where Storybook + a visual regression testing tool come in!
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
12 min
Defeat Decision Paralysis: Building a Killer Design System in Isolation
These days everything has an app or website and users have come to expect perfection out of their UIs. With the bar so high, it can be overwhelming for those of us designing and building those experiences. Before you start building you need to choose fonts, type, spacing, and colours. What’s more, every decision you make seems to lead to even more options.

Shaun will show you how to work through these tough decisions in small isolated steps that will make this massive undertaking feel like a breeze. You’ll learn how to build your colours, typefaces, and spacing into design tokens, build a theme, and develop your components in isolation using tools like Storybook.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
27 min
Tame the Component Multiverse
Error state, loading state, awkward breakpoint, bad data, poor formatting, browser support. Every component is a multitude of challenges. How do you actually manage it? Disable the network — temporarily. Insert bad code — just for a minute. Paw at the edge of your screen. Hack local database fixtures to bits. Frontend development is a multiverse where dimensions like time and variation result in an infinite number of UI possibilities. In this talk, we'll use Storybook to progressively develop, test, document our work and tame the multiverse of our components.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
32 min
Design-Driven Full-stack: an End-to-End Dev Workflow that Scales
I’m going to show you something you haven’t seen before — a simple, integrated workflow made possible by React, RedwoodJS, and Storybook. We’ll start from scratch, generate code for components, design and mock state, then finish with a secure API and CRUD UI.
Sounds hard? It was. But not anymore! 🤯
You’ll learn how to bridge existing development gaps between stateful designs, data fetching, and your API using Redwood Cell components — a one-stop-React-shop for fetch, state, mocks, and design. Teams can move faster. Solo devs can iterate more quickly. And there are secondary benefits from documentation to security to accessibility, which add up to improving long-term maintainability at scale.
Get ready to be inspired by what you’ll be able to build!