David S. Price
David S. Price
By weekday, David is a RedwoodJS cofounder, GP at Preston-Werner Ventures, and developer in residence at 128 Collective, a climate philanthropy organization. At all other times, he is mostly “Dad”, often “husband”, and, when he can sneak away, enjoying the forest, ocean, and coffee shop near his home. He can be found in northern Northern California along the coast, gazing past his computer screen at the distant ocean (courtesy of the gratuitously oversized garage-office windows).
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
33 min
Why Redwood Adopted React Server Components
Redwood, an open source full-stack app framework, has gone all-in on React and React Server Components. Why? Despite RSC’s early stage and complex implementation, Redwood is uniquely positioned to capitalize on RSC capabilities, enabling exciting new features, possibilities, and DX. 
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
32 min
Design-Driven Full-stack: an End-to-End Dev Workflow that Scales
I’m going to show you something you haven’t seen before — a simple, integrated workflow made possible by React, RedwoodJS, and Storybook. We’ll start from scratch, generate code for components, design and mock state, then finish with a secure API and CRUD UI.
Sounds hard? It was. But not anymore! 🤯
You’ll learn how to bridge existing development gaps between stateful designs, data fetching, and your API using Redwood Cell components — a one-stop-React-shop for fetch, state, mocks, and design. Teams can move faster. Solo devs can iterate more quickly. And there are secondary benefits from documentation to security to accessibility, which add up to improving long-term maintainability at scale.
Get ready to be inspired by what you’ll be able to build!