Tally Barak
Tally Barak
Tally has over 30 years of software development, product management, and consulting experience. Today Tally works for Yoobic as an architect responsible for all the Frontend tooling, testing, and DevOps processes. Tally loves Javascript and its ecosystem and is happily sharing this knowledge with other developers. Playwright Ambassador.
TestJS Summit 2023TestJS Summit 2023
21 min
Zen and the Art of UI Components Testing
Yes, we do need to test our UI components but... If this rings a bell, and especially if your application has advanced UI functionality, this talk is for you.In this talk, we will cover what are the factors that need to be tested in UI components. We will challenge the testing pyramid when it comes to UI Components testing, and review the different tools that we have nowadays for making UI component testing complete Zen.
Node Congress 2023Node Congress 2023
24 min
Tale of Two Repos
Not all monorepos are made the same, and not all teams are equal. Managing a monorepo is way more than just ""let's select this tool or that tool"". It comprises many design decisions that you need to make for the product and for the developers. 
In this talk, I will go over the main monorepos challenges - packages installation and linking, development and deployment processes - and describe the possibilities that exist for each stage. 
At the end of the talk, you will have a simple and powerful model that will help you in making the right choice of tools and processes for your monorepo. 
DevOps.js Conf 2022DevOps.js Conf 2022
24 min
1001 Packages – Strategies for Managing Monorepos
When working with a monorepo, there are multiple Challenges: packages installation, packages linking, development processes (build, lint, testing) and deployment processes. Those challenges vary the type of artifacts in our monorepo (micro services, FE App, packages etc.). We will explore different approaches and tools for monorepos and their pro and cons.
Node Congress 2022Node Congress 2022
9 min
The Secret Life of Package Managers
Ever wondered what happens after you hit npm install and go to grab a coffee? Let's deep dive into Npm and Yarn installation process, and how you can put this knowledge into practice.