Crash Course Into Multilingual Websites With next.JS and Headless Content


    On this crash course, we'll create a new project in the headless CMS, fill it with data, and use the content to build a multilingual Next.js app. We'll spend a lot of time in code to:

    - Generate strongly typed models and structure for the content

    - Set up the site for multiple languages

    - Use respective language codes in content fetching and incorporate language fallbacks

    - Resolve multilingual content from rich text fields

    You will learn:

    - How to work with content from headless CMS (

    - How content model can be leveraged to generate TS types and what benefits it brings to your project

    - How to add multilingual capabilities to Next.js website

    - How to use language fallbacks

    - What are the typical gotchas when working with multilingual content

    126 min
    15 Nov, 2022

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