Why the Full-stack Framework of the Future is a DSL

This talk is scheduled for Jun 17, 22:00
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Domain Specific Languages (DSL) are everywhere in web development, but these languages and their qualities often get taken for granted. HTML, Regex, CSS, and SQL are all DSLs which allow you to simply declare what functionality you want, instead of having to specify all the implementation details.

Taking the DSL approach to full-stack web development not only unlocks new abstractions that make building more efficient for the developer, they also assist AI-coding assistants in creating more complex, maintainable code, by handing off the creation and management of large amounts of boilerplate code to the DSL.

In this talk we will explore how we built Wasp around a DSL to create a unified approach to developing full-stack web-apps.

Vince Canger
Vince Canger
17 Jun, 2024
Video transcription, chapters and summary will be available later.