Build a Product Page with Shopify’s Hydrogen Framework


    Get hands on with Hydrogen, a React-based framework for building headless storefronts. Hydrogen is built for Shopify commerce with all the features you need for a production-ready storefront. It provides a quick start, build-fast environment so you can focus on the fun stuff - building unique commerce experiences. In this workshop we’ll scaffold a new storefront and rapidly build a product page. We’ll cover how to get started, file-based routing, fetching data from the Storefront API, Hydrogen’s built-in components and how to apply styling with Tailwind.

    You will know:

    - Get started with the hello-world template on StackBlitz

    - File-based routing to create a /products/example route

    - Dynamic routing /products/:handle

    - Hit the Storefront API with GraphQL

    - Move the query into the Hydrogen app

    - Update the query to fetch a product by handle

    - Display title, price, image & description.

    - Tailwind styling

    - Variant picker and buy now button

    - Bonus if there’s time: Collections page


    - A Chromium-based browser (StackBlitz)

    - Ideally experience with React. A general web development background would be fine.

    81 min
    15 Nov, 2022

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