Build a Universal Reactive Data Library with Starbeam

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This session will focus on Starbeam's universal building blocks. We'll use Starbeam to build a data library that works in multiple frameworks.

We'll write a library that caches and updates data, and supports relationships, sorting and filtering.

Rather than fetching data directly, it will work with asynchronously fetched data, including data fetched after initial render. Data fetched and updated through web sockets will also work well.

All of these features will be reactive, of course.

Imagine you filter your data by its title, and then you update the title of a record to match the filter: any output relying on the filtered data will update to reflect the updated filter.

In 90 minutes, you'll build an awesome reactive data library and learn a powerful new tool for building reactive systems. The best part: the library works in any framework, even though you don't think about (or depend on) any framework when you built it.

Table of contents

- Storing a Fetched Record in a Cell

- Storing multiple records in a reactive Map

- Reactive iteration is normal iteration

- Reactive filtering is normal filtering

- Fetching more records and updating the Map

- Reactive sorting is normal sorting (is this getting a bit repetitive?)

- Modelling cache invalidation as data

- Bonus: reactive relationships

14 Jun, 2023

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