Web Accessibility in JavaScript Apps

Workshop from:
React Summit
React Summit 2022

    Often we see JavaScript damaging the accessibility of a website. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to avoid common mistakes and how to use JS in your favor to actually enhance the accessibility of your web apps!

    In this workshop we’ll explore multiple real-world examples with accessibility no-nos, and you'll learn how to make them work for people using a mouse or a keyboard. You’ll also learn how screen readers are used, and I'll show you that there's no reason to be afraid of using one!

    Join me and let me show you how accessibility doesn't limit your solutions or skills. On the contrary, it will make them more inclusive!

    By the end, you will:

    - Understand WCAG principles and how they're organized

    - Know common cases where JavaScript is essential to accessibility

    - Create inclusive links, buttons and toggleble elements

    - Use live regions for errors and loading states

    - Integrate accessibility into your team workflow right away

    - Realize that creating accessible websites isn’t as hard as it sounds ;)


    161 min
    30 Jun, 2022

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