Asaf Shen
Asaf is Lorem Ipsum Engineer at Descope (he will explain the job title during the workshop). Asaf enjoys solving complex problems, working with people, staring up at the stars, and not taking himself too seriously.
0 to Auth in an Hour Using NodeJS SDK
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0 to Auth in an Hour Using NodeJS SDK
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Passwordless authentication may seem complex, but it is simple to add it to any app using the right tool.
We will enhance a full-stack JS application (Node.JS backend + React frontend) to authenticate users with OAuth (social login) and One Time Passwords (email), including:
- User authentication - Managing user interactions, returning session / refresh JWTs
- Session management and validation - Storing the session for subsequent client requests, validating / refreshing sessions
At the end of the workshop, we will also touch on another approach to code authentication using frontend Descope Flows (drag-and-drop workflows), while keeping only session validation in the backend. With this, we will also show how easy it is to enable biometrics and other passwordless authentication methods.
Table of contents
- A quick intro to core authentication concepts
- Coding
- Why passwordless matters
- IDE for your choice
- Node 18 or higher