How to Solve Real-World Problems with Remix


    - Errors? How to render and log your server and client errors

    a - When to return errors vs throw

    b - Setup logging service like Sentry, LogRocket, and Bugsnag

    - Forms? How to validate and handle multi-page forms

    a - Use zod to validate form data in your action

    b - Step through multi-page forms without losing data

    - Stuck? How to patch bugs or missing features in Remix so you can move on

    a - Use patch-package to quickly fix your Remix install

    b - Show tool for managing multiple patches and cherry-pick open PRs

    - Users? How to handle multi-tenant apps with Prisma

    a - Determine tenant by host or by user

    b - Multiple database or single database/multiple schemas

    c - Ensures tenant data always separate from others

    195 min
    22 Nov, 2022