Lazar Nikolov
Lazar Nikolov
Lazar is a generalist software engineer, who wrote his first app back in 2013 while he was in high school. He's currently a Developer Advocate at Sentry ( He's loves to learn in public, live stream on YouTube, and create courses on Egghead. Designing and building UIs is his passion. He's the ultimate nerd, even his hobby is programming.
Maximize App Performance by Optimizing Web Fonts
Vue.js London 2023Vue.js London 2023
49 min
Maximize App Performance by Optimizing Web Fonts
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You've just landed on a web page and you try to click a certain element, but just before you do, an ad loads on top of it and you end up clicking that thing instead.
That…that’s a layout shift. Everyone, developers and users alike, know that layout shifts are bad. And the later they happen, the more disruptive they are to users. In this workshop we're going to look into how web fonts cause layout shifts and explore a few strategies of loading web fonts without causing big layout shifts.
Table of Contents:
What’s CLS and how it’s calculated?
How fonts can cause CLS?
Font loading strategies for minimizing CLS
Recap and conclusion