Andre Landgraf
Andre Landgraf
Andre is a full stack developer from Germany. He graduated with an MS in Information Systems from the Technical University of Munich and was also awarded an MS in Computer Science from Sofia University in Palo Alto. Andre currently lives in Cupertino, California, and he works as a Software Engineer at LinkedIn. Andre loves learning, writing, and speaking about all things web. In his free time, he tutors aspiring developers and builds for the web.
Remix Conf Europe 2022Remix Conf Europe 2022
23 min
Remix Architecture Patterns
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Remix provides amazing flexibility and can be deployed anywhere where JavaScript is running. But how does Remix fit into the bigger application landscape of an organization? Remix provides great utility, but how to best take advantage of it? What things should be handled inside of Remix, and what things are better off done elsewhere? Should we use the express adapter to add a WebSocket server or should that be a standalone microservice? How will enterprise organizations integrate Remix into their current stacks? Let’s talk architecture patterns! In this talk, I want to share my thoughts about how to best integrate Remix into a greater (enterprise) stack.