Build and Launch a personal blog using Remix and Vercel

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In this workshop we will learn how to build a personal blog from scratch using Remix, TailwindCSS. The blog will be hosted on Vercel and all the content will be dynamically served from a separate GitHub repository. We will be using HTTP Caching for the blog posts.

What we want to achieve at the end of the workshop is to have a list of our blog posts displayed on the deployed version of the website, the ability to filter them and to read them individually.

Table of contents: 

- Setup a Remix Project with a predefined stack

- Install additional dependencies

- Read content from GiHub

- Display Content from GitHub

- Parse the content and load it within our app using mdx-bundler

- Create separate blog post page to have them displayed standalone

- Add filters on the initial list of blog posts

156 min
17 Nov, 2022

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