Mikhail Kuznetcov
Mikhail Kuznetcov
Mikhail is a passionate developer who loves to share his knowledge with the world. As a team leader, public speaker, workshop organizer, teacher of JavaScript and Vue.js, he has trained developers worldwide.
JSNation 2022JSNation 2022
121 min
Managing state in Vue3 application
In modern Vue we have plenty of options how to create and share state across multiple components. In this workshop we will write an application using all the approaches - Vuex, composition API hooks and Pinia.
Vue.js London Live 2021Vue.js London Live 2021
169 min
Vue3: Modern Frontend App Development
Featured WorkshopFree
The Vue3 has been released in mid-2020. Besides many improvements and optimizations, the main feature of Vue3 brings is the Composition API – a new way to write and reuse reactive code. Let's learn more about how to use Composition API efficiently.
Besides core Vue3 features we'll explain examples of how to use popular libraries with Vue3.
Table of contents:
- Introduction to Vue3
- Composition API
- Core libraries
- Vue3 ecosystem
IDE of choice (Inellij or VSC) installed
Nodejs + NPM

React Summit 2020React Summit 2020
192 min
Build Full Featured Frontend App with Svelte
Svelte is a new prominent JS framework exposing “write less do more” philosophy. During this workshop you will get proficiency as a Svelte developer. 
We will be building an app that mimics the famous Q
A website stackoverflow.com. Will start developing from simple front end components, later we'll connect it to a real running backend and then test it and optimise for production.
Attending a workshop is the fastest way to acquire a body of knowledge about building web apps with Svelte.