Alexa Spalato
Alexa Spalato
Alexandra Spalato is a DevRel Engineer at Storyblok. She specializes in JAMstack and headless architecture and helps developers bring their visions to life. With her diverse background as freelancer and entrepreneur, Alexandra offers a fresh perspective on building successful web projects. She is always seeking new ways to innovate and drive tech progress, whether by speaking at conferences or empowering developers.
React Advanced Conference 2023React Advanced Conference 2023
26 min
Remix: Embracing Web Standards to Redefine Modern Web Development
Discover the power of Remix, a groundbreaking full-stack framework that embraces web standards to redefine modern web development.As developers grapple with complex tools and frameworks, creating performant and maintainable applications becomes increasingly challenging.What if there's a solution that leverages core web principles to streamline development? Enter RemixIn this talk, learn how Remix harnesses web standards, such as URLs, Fetch API, HTML, and HTTP caching, to elevate developer and user experiences, ultimately empowering you to become a better developer!
React Advanced Conference 2023React Advanced Conference 2023
104 min
Building High-Performance Online Stores with Shopify Hydrogen and Remix
I. Introduction- Overview of Shopify Hydrogen and Remix- Importance of headless e-commerce and its impact on the industry
II. Setting up Shopify Hydrogen- Installing and setting up Hydrogen with Remix- Setting up the project structure and components
III. Creating Collections and Products- Creating collections and products using Hydrogen’s React components- Implementing a Shopping Cart- Building a shopping cart using Hydrogen’s built-in components
VI. Building the home page with Storyblok- Cloning the space and explaining how it works- Implementing Storyblok in the repo- Creating the Blok components- Creating the Shopify components- Implementing personalisation
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
94 min
Hands-on E-commerce Storytelling With Storyblok, Gatsby, Shopify
In this workshop, you will integrate a decoupled Gatsby Shopify website into Storyblok real-time visual editor.1. Connect Gatsby with Shopify and build the catalog2. Build the shopping Card functionality using shopify-buy3. Connect Gatsby with Storyblok4. Build editable components for the Storyblok visual editor, including Shopify products and Collections
PrerequisitesComputer ready for Gatsby.
Workshop levelReact and Gatsby intermediate.