Alexa Spalato
Alexandra Spalato is a Developer Relations engineer at Storyblok.She was born and raised in France and lives now on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca.While working as a freelance developer and entrepreneur, she decided to fully specialize in JAMstack.Her strong support of that technology and promotion to her clients led her to establish GatsbyWPThemes.As an advocate for headless architecture, she is now part of Storyblok, a company that best represents it.
Hands-on E-commerce Storytelling With Storyblok, Gatsby, Shopify
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
94 min
Hands-on E-commerce Storytelling With Storyblok, Gatsby, Shopify
Free Workshop
In this workshop, you will integrate a decoupled Gatsby Shopify website into Storyblok real-time visual editor.
1. Connect Gatsby with Shopify and build the catalog
2. Build the shopping Card functionality using shopify-buy
3. Connect Gatsby with Storyblok
4. Build editable components for the Storyblok visual editor, including Shopify products and Collections
Computer ready for Gatsby.
Workshop level
React and Gatsby intermediate.