From Senior Developer to Manager and Back: The Journey of Returning to Coding

This talk is scheduled for Jun 14, 22:00
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You're working as a developer, and one day - BAM, you're offered the chance to lead a team, to step into a managerial or leadership position.

What now? If I accept the offer, will I forget how to code? Will my skills depreciate? Is there a way back to a specialist path? Can I really be a “manager by day, developer by night”? Will I still be a technical person?

I've been at this point! At Atlassian, I undertook an experiment and moved from a senior developer position to a manager role for 15 months... and then I went back to coding.

Will my experience help you make a decision if you're facing one - I don’t know. But it will be food for thought 🙂

Michał Michalczuk
Michał Michalczuk
14 Jun, 2024
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