Knut Melvær
Knut Melvær
Knut Melvær (b. 1985) is a graduate in the study of religion\s who has pivoted into technology. He is currently working as Head of Developer Relations at Previously he has been a senior technology consultant at Netlife, a reknowned Norwegian UX- and Design Agency. Before that a PhD Fellow at the University of Bergen. As a technology consultant, he has held workshops in user research, technology strategy, and web development. He has been involved in projects with a wide range of clients such as Energi og Klima, NDLA, Enivest, Fearnley Offshore Supply, Norwegian Fund and Asset Management Association, Warner Music, De Bergenske Hotels, The Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management, U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, The City of Oslo, and Gjensidige. Knut has extensive experience in research, dissemination, teaching, and writing. He has organized and taught courses from undergraduate to graduate level at university. His fields of study have been quantiative and qualitative methodologies in the study of religion, the evolutionary and cognitive science of religion, new religiosity, and digital humanities. He has done podcast interviews of Holberg Prize laureates and been a columnist in newspapers like Klassekampen, Sysla, and Morgenbladet.
React Advanced Conference 2021React Advanced Conference 2021
168 min
How to create editor experiences your team will love
Content is a crucial part of what you build on the web. Modern web technologies brings a lot to the developer experience in terms of building content-driven sites, but how can we improve things for editors and content creators? In this workshop you’ll learn how use to approach structured content modeling, and how to build, iterate, and configure your own CMS to unify data models with efficient and delightful editor experiences. It’s intended for web developers who want to deliver better content experiences for their content teams and clients.